Our strategic intervention in the agriculture value chain (solving collateral management challenges in agri-business financing)

Poultry Management: We monitor and receive day-old chicks, monitor their growth within a 9-week period and affect the release of the broilers for slaughtering and monitor the sales of the life broilers and offal. We also monitor the activities of the cold room.
Fertilizer Management: We monitor the delivery of fertilizers to various warehouses from the port/suppliers and we manage the inventory and sales at the various warehouses.
Seeds Management: We manage inventory, repackage and release seeds from storage facilities. Grains Management: We run quality tests for Cocoa and Cashew. We also manage and monitor the delivery of the grains to off-takers and beverage companies as the case may be.
Feed Mill: We receive and monitor the production and usage in the farms.
Agro Raw Material management: We monitor production stages for specific agro raw materials and also track the stock of the semi-processed ones.