Collateral Account Management

Raw materials, finished goods and agro products

We store and manage a variety of goods on behalf of banks, importers & exporters, information technology, communication and oil companies using advanced IT systems to control stocks in our warehouses at Apapa-Oshodi expressway (Cele Bus-Stop) in Lagos, Onitsha, Makurdi and Kano. These warehouses with various capacities of approximately 30,000 sq ft are insured to a tune of N200 million against fire, burglary and special perils. They are adequately protected all day by notable security outfits and we also have an arrangement with the Mopol unit of the Divisional police command to provide surveillance on our warehouses.

Inventory Management

Observe and report on conditions of stock warehouse and environs

We provide commodity management of various types in locations other than Continental Logistics warehouses. These locations, which may belong to your customers or third party in any part of the country, can be professionally managed by us. There are no limits to the type/nature of goods that can be controlled and effectively managed by our well experienced inventory managers. It is important we inspect the designated warehouse/storage facility to assess and confirm its suitability or otherwise for the product under consideration.

Inventory Audit & Control

Stock counts, verification of documents and reporting

We value inventories of various products for financial institutions, Manufacturing companies, Telecoms companies, etc.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Eliminate issues related with stock out, warehousing, unforeseen delay in port administration to warrant high charges

We take responsibility to eliminate issues related to overstocking, warehousing, and unforeseen delay in port administration to warrant high charges on demurrage which are associated with having to import goods in bulk. This service is very attractive to many organizations such as manufacturing companies, Shipping companies, and companies in the financial sector (collateral account management with banks). 

The objectives of this service is to mitigate against the risks of running out of stocks and stopping production, and readiness to collaborate with foreign suppliers who are not ready to maintain inventories locally. For Local vendors that stock foreign goods; having CLL as your supply chain partner, you can boost your customers import strength and also help in the area of storage and timely calling up of the same goods you have imported into the country in our custody to the importer.

Oil and Gas Services

Inspection/survey services and STS services (petroleum products)

Our service includes the independent quality and quantity (Q&Q) inspection of petroleum products onboard vessels and barges, bulk liquid quantity measurements in various types of shore tank and storage facilities, supervision, and quality assurance. It would allow our clients to eliminate losses incurable in the process of shipments and custody transfer operations. This would also assist our customers in the long term to negotiate for better premium on insurance of products besides creating a quality-oriented company. We are committed to adding value to our customer business by helping to maintain our customer’s reputation for high-quality products and reducing the commercial and environmental risk associated with trading, distribution and storage of petroleum products. 

Supply Chain Consultancy

Freight forwarding-import/export, cargo movement/management from port to the customer, warehouse management and reverse logistics

Continental Logistics Limited is a customs licensed clearing agent offering import clearing and export forwarding services to a number of discerning clients in the manufacturing, merchandising and diplomatic sectors. It may interest you to note that we can provide door-to-door service. We are in a position to haul on your behalf, import and export consignment to and fro the port of entry and exit at the speed of time, using Continental couriers Network. We look forward to partnering with you towards accomplishing your strategic objectives of business growth, revenue expansion and increasing profitability.